WLtoys 6 Axis GYRO Nano RC Quadcopter Takeover

WLtoys V272 2.4G 6 Axis GYRO Nano RC Quadcopter RTFWe’ve noticed a steady drop in the price of an Estes Proto X Nano Quad Copter. First, it was $38.00. Then, it was dropped to $34.99. And now, $34.29! After a few seconds of research, we’ve noticed that there is a new company, WLtoys, shooting out these Nanos at a lower price than what Estes was charging. The thing is, they look exactly the same! However, WLtoys offers colors other than just black and white. They offer yellow, black/red, and green for $34.90. WLtoys claim to have the “World′s Smallest Quad” with this product however both products seem to have the same size, and style.

Which one will you buy?

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